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Never before has there been such an opportunity to benefit from experience.

No other company is covering so much ground in the realm of hydronic distribution systems than IMI Hydronic Engineering. No longer is there a need for there to be a multitude of companies involved with the construction or renovation of a hydronic system. You can now find all the knowledge, products and expertise that you could possibly need from one source. We are paving the way in this regard.

IMI Hydronic Engineering uses unparalleled industry and customer insight to drive an extensive R&D agenda

Our commitment to innovate is based on finding the right answers to relevant issues within hydronic distribution. Close collaboration with our customers has given us real insight into their present and future needs. This steers our development of new solutions and services and makes sure the work we do is always for your benefit.

Innovative people

We invest heavily in R&D and always with a view to optimising efficiency throughout the system. Because IMI Hydronic Engineering has been formed through uniting 3 competence areas, the resulting R&D power is unique in the industry. As a truly global company we draw on a wide spectrum of expertise and experience when developing new solutions. This has also led to the formation of multiple IMI Hydronic Engineering Engineering Support Centres worldwide, which provide a one of a kind service that is innovative in itself.

The Engineering Support Centres make specialised knowledge directly available to those involved in large-scale projects and can assist with everything from design challenges to complex hydronic calculations.

Innovative solutions

We are always striving to better hydronic technology and are currently using in-line design to revolutionise valve design. This technology streamlines flow and gives our customers benefits such as enhanced efficiency, minimised risk of cavitation, minimised noise and easier installation through reduced product size and weight. It is just another example of innovation for the benefit of IMI Hydronic Engineering’ customers everywhere.