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News section

Whether a designer, an installer, facility manager or a building owner, here you will find the most recent news items related to our products, events, case studies and our various knowledge tools related to hydronic distribution innovation.

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Product News

New Thermolux-K Head now available 

New K-Head - The most popular thermostatic head on the market has just had an upgrade! 

The Thermolux K head offers customers superior accuracy, reliable and energy-efficient performance at the highest quality.

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TA-COMPACT-T - The new On-off control valve for cooling systems with return temperature controller

TA-COMPACT-T is an ideal solution for cooling systems using on-off actuators and thermostats. 

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TA-COMPACT-P - The new pressure independent balancing and control valve (PIBCV) delivering precise hydronic balancing and high control stability.

  • Slim, compact and practical
  • Unique diagnostic features
  • High flow range and very small demands on pump
  • High longevity and maintenance free

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Compresso Connect - The most comfortable way to maintain pressure in your HVAC system

Compresso Connect

The Compresso Connect is a new high performance precision pressurisation system with compressors and remote monitoring function for heating, solar and chilled water systems.

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Zeparo Cyclone - higher efficiency dirt separator 

Zeparo cyclone

The new Zeparo Cyclone removes dirt in heating and cooling systems much more quickly, easily and efficiently than ever before! Zeparo Cyclone is up to nine times more efficient than competitor devices! 

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His Effectiveness the New Vento EcoEfficient

The Vento EcoEfficient completes the Vento range as it is a wall-mounted unit made for fewer than 10 dwellings. It is ideally suited to small office and apartment buildings, small schools and very large houses, in heating, cooling and solar applications.

A-exact - the new thermostatic radiator valve


A-exact has a unique integrated flow limiter that eliminates over flows. A-exact has a unique integrated flow limiter that eliminates over flows.

Dynacon – unlocks the full potential of underfloor heating

  Introducing the new innovative underfloor heating manifold from IMI Hydronic Engineering.

TA-FUS1ON: The Power of One


Introducing TA-FUS1ON: the first valve range to combine control and balancing in a single unit – with fully adjustable Kvs.

Watch the 2014 World Cup in Comfort – Wherever you are!

IMI Hydronic Engineering is proud to be part of World Cup not just in 2014, but over the years – having helped to design and control HVAC systems in over 30 stadiums around the world. We have played our part to create perfect climates for spectators to watch the football – be it live or from the comfort of their own homes.

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Hydronic Tools & Software


TA-SCOPE makes balancing a building’s HVAC system a faster, easier and more precise task, with the upshot of greatly reduced energy use and costs. 

 Introducing IMI Hydronic Engineering Revit plugin


IMI Hydronic Engineering Revit plugin software allows users to export product models from MagiCAD database to Revit.

Introducing HyTools


The all-in-one app for all your hydronic calculation needs - now available for your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch* and Android smartphone.

Case Studies

Asia Square Tower

 Asia Square tower

IMI Hydronic Engineering ensures optimal indoor climate for Singapore’s Asia square tower

Residential quarter in Kiev, Ukraine

 Residential Quartern in Kiev, Ukraine Delivering an energy efficient solution to Shanghai's International Shipping Centre.