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System Solutions

A wealth of knowledge and tools all under one roof.

Now that Pneumatex, TA and Heimeier are fully intergrated, you can get the most comprehensive range of system solutions in the hydronic industry from a single source. We consider how the performance of each component and the interactions of all components influence total system performance.  This enables us to deliver solutions that meet our customers’ exact needs.

Pneumatex Pressurisation and Water Quality

The most important component in the system is water itself. That’s why its quality and its pressure must be very carefully maintained.


Changes in temperature result in changing water volume, which have to be dealt with immediately to avoid damage and system breakdown. Reliable pressure control systems with compressors or pumps, a robust range of expansion vessels and water-make up devices, make sure there is the right amount of water, at the right pressure in the system.

Water Quality

Our wide range of separators protect the installation and maintain system performance by keeping water free of micro-bubbles and sludge in heating, solar and chilled water systems. And our degassing devices use an atomisation process to separate gases completely from water in a specially designed vacuum vessel.

TA balancing and control

Hydronic balancing is about controlling water flow, without it a temperature control system will never perform to its full potential. Today unbalanced systems are the cause of two thirds of all indoor climate problems. As the balancing experts we enable you to keep comfort at the right level and lift HVAC efficiency by up to 30%. Our expertise covers all types of hydronic systems – constant flow and variable flow, static balancing and dynamic balancing.

Heimeier Thermostatic Control

As comfort requirements differ, the system must also be able to respond quickly and efficiently to balance the heating and cooling of the indoor environment.

With an unparalleled history of success owing to our dedication to precision and control, our thermostatic control systems guarantee reliability in temperature control. All our thermostatic control bodies and housings are made from gunmetal. Resistant to corrosion and dezincification, this tough material is shaped using our own casting process. The result is unmatched temperature control and thermostatic valve quality you can count on.