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Seminar Topics

When engineers, contractors, installers and owners face the demands of increased complexity in system design, installation, and commissioning, having the knowledge to face those challenges head on can guarantee success.

The Hydronic College is the industry leader in hydronic distribution education, and we pride ourselves in providing the know how to stay on the cutting edge of hydronic system design, application, installation, balancing and commissioning.

In our programme we offer two types of seminars: System Fundamentals and System in Practice.

System fundamentals

System Fundamentals

Our System Fundamental seminars are an opportunity to delve into the more theoretical realms of hydronic systems. Often these seminars are held as larger events, and give insights into such topics as the benefits, implications and applications of system optimization, energy efficiency and product usage. Within this category are also seminars about broad functionality of specific types of systems.

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Systems in practice

Systems in Practice

The Systems in Practice seminars are a chance to learn the hydronic principles and then put them in to practice. The seminars focus on practical applications and calculations that apply to everyday situations. Our training centres are equipped with working models to demonstrate the theory in action so you can get hands on experience solving problems

Our expert technical trainers combined with our specially designed training centres around the world mean you gain practical knowledge as well as answers to specific technical issues.

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