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We have great balancing experience and achieved a lot of energy savings by optimization of HVAC systems in our projects around the world.

Check how it works in your project!

Use benefits presented by TA-SCOPE already today:

Installer and contractor 

  • You will find the correct setting of your installation – highest accuracy
    ± 0.1 kPa or 1% of the measured value.
  • You will avoid complaints, increase your professionalism and multiply your experience.
  • You will get the right installation done the first time, without any need to panic.

Balancing specialist

  • You will need only 1 person to do the balancing of your HVAC system no matter how old or how big your building is. 
  • You will easily identify different problems like incorrect flow, pressure drop, flow direction, incorrectly sized pipes, valves and pumps, blocked pipes and undersized or oversized terminal units.
  • You will do the easy trouble shooting and create a perfectly balanced system with one of the integrated methods TA-Diagnostic or
    TA-Wireless, that are both time and cost-effective.

Investor and Owner

  • You will control the perfect indoor climate with minimal energy consumption during the lifetime of the project.
  • You will easily do a hydronic audit of the whole system to prioritize investment strategy renovation.
  • You will avoid complaints and increase building value.

Consultants and Design engineers

  • You will create the most economical design with TA Select and download it to TA-SCOPE to check setting and verify that the system works as intended