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The new In-line differential pressure controller operated by Pilot technology.
  • Protection against tampering

    Sealable cap protects the setting if needed.

    Easily identifiable

    3 different colours for 3 pressure ranges.

    Visible setting indicator

    Indicator is visible from 2 sides, easy setting by hexagonal key 5 mm.

Main features:

  • Weight decreased by 80% in comparison to standard Dp controllers
  • 2 times faster and cheaper installation
  • Highly stable and accurate Dp control
  • Visible setting indicator
  • Setting protection
  • In-line body for quiet operation
  • Lower investment thanks to high Kvs
  • Measuring capabilities for exact setting
  • High flexibility to change setting range
  • Premium quality

See tech specifications >

The Pilot technology:

Our Pilot technology operates on hydraulic principles and provides excellent Dp control stabillity under all working conditions especially at minimum flow.  Operation principle >

The graph above shows results of our in-house test of Dp controllers DN 100 adjusted to differential pressure of 2.90 psi. The orange curve represents TA-PILOT-R. The Pilot and In-line technology keep Dp control stable and precisely accurate quaranteeing ideal conditions for control valves and smooth system operation.