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Thermostatic radiator valve primary for radiators in heating systems and secondary for small cooling terminals.

Informations sur le produit

Thermostatic radiator valves with presetting

Thermostatic radiator valve primary for radiators in heating systems and secondary for small cooling terminals.

Key features

Stepless presetting

Ensures accurate balancing with a simple presetting key and eliminates the possibility of unauthorized manipulation.

Low noise level

Can handle high differential pressure which gives lower risk of noise.

Double O-rings

Trouble free operation.

Technical description


Heating and cooling systems


Stepless presetting


DN 10-20

Pressure class:

PN 10

Max. differential pressure:

Maximum differential pressure to ensure that the valve does not open against a closed thermostat: 100 kPa.


Max. working temperature: 120°C
Min. working temperature: -10°C


Valve body: Straight and angle of AMETAL®. Reversed angle of brass.
O-rings: EPDM rubber
Valve disc: EPDM rubber
Return spring: Stainless steel
Valve insert: Brass, PPS (polyphenylsulphide)
Spindle: Stainless steel

AMETAL® is the dezincification resistant alloy of IMI Hydronic Engineering.

Surface treatment:

Valve body and fittings are nickel-plated


TA, country code, flow direction arrow, size and KEYMARK symbol.
TRV-2: White protection cap.
TRV-2S: Red protection cap. The locking nut at the valve insert is marked in red.


KEYMARK certified and tested according to EN 215.

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