About IMI Hydronic Engineering

We seek to create tremendous value for our customers through our unique knowledge of hydronic systems and by innovating premium products and services to deliver energy-efficient solutions and smart comfort for everyone.

Our solutions enable you to control indoor climates with high precision while also providing sustainable, comfortable, and energy-efficient places to live, work and play​.

Trusted brands and with outstanding reputations

We are the industry-leading provider of world-class, innovative, and energy-efficient heating HVAC solutions. With our range of reliable products and services, we aim to make it easier for you to design, install, commission, and maintain your HVAC systems by enabling you to take complete control while minimising costs, maximising efficiency, and adding long-term value to your systems. 

Customers’ needs are at the core of all we do

We provide solutions for every customer challenge – from individual domestic installations to significant commercial developments. We are constantly working to find innovations to match your unique needs.

Sharing our knowledge & insight

Helping you create and maintain cost-efficient, reliable and fit-for-purpose HVAC installations lies at the heart of IMI Hydronic Engineering’s mission. Our years of experience have created a wealth o hydronic knowledge that we are happy to share with our customers. We are here to make your life easier and deliver a simplified route to creating GREAT HVAC installations. Our track record is second to none, and we are confident that our expertise, product range and services can help you achieve your project objectives with ease, precision and insight. 

Breakthrough Engineering for a better world

At IMI Hydronic, we know that the environmental impact of buildings should not be ignored. Every building must meet evermore strict energy efficiency standards to help reduce costs and mitigate climate change. We are committed to helping you to get more from your HVAC systems by using less in the long term. We do this by delivering innovative solutions that help harness maximum efficiency from the latest technological developments. 


IMI Hydronic Engineering is one arm of IMI plc - a global engineering firm that has been optimising the precise movement of liquids across various industries and applications for decades.

Join Us

To achieve our vision and quest for a Better World, we need the best people with us; this is why we ensure that your career at IMI Hydronic Engineering takes you places and teaches you things you never thought were possible.