Features & Benefits

    Δp valve option

    Delivers desired differential pressure ensuring accurate balancing and control.

    Easy balancing and good compatibility

    Primary and secondary circuits return pipes are provided with TA's balancing valves.


    Control loop types can be made to customer specification.

    Technical description


    TA-SHUNT is made for the following types of control circuits:

    1. Constant flow in primary and secondary circuit.
    2. Variable flow in primary circuit and constant flow in secondary circuit.
    4. Constant flow in primary and secondary circuit and where the control valve loads the secondary circuit, so-called Norwegian coupling.
    5. Water-borne heat recycling with variable flow in the air inlet circuit and constant flow in the outlet air circuit.
    7. Variable flow in primary circuit and constant flow in secondary circuit. Stabilization of the differential pressure over a control valve.

    TA-SHUNT can be used in systems with up to 50% glycol content.

    Pressure class:

    PN 6
    All components in the prefabricated control loop are classified to at least PN 6. If PN 10 is needed, please specify this when ordering.


    Max media temperature: 95°C
    Min media temperature: -10°C
    Certain pumps require special versions.

    Union dimension:

    DN 20 - 100

    Gate and ball valves:

    DN 20-50: Globo H Ball valve
    DN 65-100: TA 60 Gate valve

    Balancing valves:

    DN 10-50: STAD
    DN 65-100: STAF
    DN 15-100: STAP

    Control valves:

    2-way: V222, V241.
    3-way: V321, V341.

    Kvs control valves:

    0,25 - 160 in the Renard series.

    Pipe packages:

    DN 20-50 according to ISO 65 (Carbon steel tubes suitable for screwing in accordance with ISO 7/1).
    DN 65-100 pressure vessel pipes, seamless Stainless steel or copper pipe packages can be tendered on request.


    Graduated 0-120°C for heating.
    -40°C - +40°C for cooling/recycling.


    Heating: Non-combustible mineral wool
    Cooling: Armaflex condensate insulation

    Protective box:

    DN 20-100: Plastic-coated sheet metal box.

    Circulation pump:

    TA-SHUNT can be equipped with Grundfos, WILO, Flygt etc. pumps as standard.

    Non-return valve:

    With spring-loaded valve disc.



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    Technical specifications