Save time and energy

Why is everyone talking about renovation?

As climate concerns increase, the EU has set ambitious environment goals to reach carbon neutrality by 2050.

Because 40% of the world’s energy is consumed by buildings, focusing on making them more sustainable and energy efficient is a logical place to start. Therefore, it is expected that most of Europe’s building stock will have to undergo serious renovation to meet Europe’s targets.

Why is everyone talking about renovation
Be part of the change

Save time and energy

Be a part of the change

Thanks to your work and knowledge you can capitalize on this renovation boom to grow your business all while making a difference to the planet – by significantly reducing the impact that homes and buildings have on the environment.

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You don’t have time to read a full eBook? That is ok. Discover below 3 technologies that will make the difference in terms of energy savings:

Technologies that make the difference

AFC Technology

AFC technology

AFC technology allows you to easily achieve hydronic balancing.

By setting the required flow for the individual radiators directly on the Eclipse valve, the system is reliably balanced.

Solutions with AFC technology have been designed so that once the valve has been set to the correct value, the desired flow rate will not be exceeded regardless of the differential pressure. Even in case of oversupply, e.g. due to the closing of neighbouring valves or during the morning warm-up phase, Eclipse automatically regulates the flow to the set value. Complex calculations to determine the setting values are not necessary.

Dirt separation

Dirt separation

Boost the performance of your HVAC system with our separation technology

Flow noise, gurgling radiators and reduced heat output all become a thing of the past with efficient separation technology.

From residential projects to large-scale commercial installations, we have the right solution for all your water quality needs!

Thermostatic head-k

Thermostatic Head-K

IMI Heimeier thermostatic control solutions for comfortable indor climate

Founded in 1928 in Germany, IMI Heimeier offers a range of products that you can trust to achieve comfortable and energy efficient indoor climates. Precise temperature control devices as well as innovative radiator valves have made IMI Heimeier one of the most recognized innovators in the HVAC industry for over 90 years.

​​Solutions for every type of building and every type of customer​

Our expertise applied

We have an outstanding track record of creating perfect indoor climates with our customers. Take a look at our case studies to learn how our products and solutions have brought energy efficiency and optimal control to all kinds of projects, ranging from residential renovations to the world’s tallest building and pretty much everything in between.​