Designing the hydraulic network of heating and cooling systems capable of delivering high performance and minimising energy use couldn't be easier


Calculate system components and settings for optimal performance

All you need to do is input a range of building parameters, such as room sizes, desired temperatures and what the system should look like, and the program will help you calculate what components and settings you'll need for optimal system performance.

IMIHecos 5.10.07 is software that has been developed on Hecos by TA Hydronics 4.00.xx solid basis and has been consistently refined and updated over more than a decade of development.

Available in a range of languages, IMIHecos 5.10.07 is compatible with PCs running Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 10 or Windows 11 operating systems. ​

The new IMIHecos 5.10.07 version has the following new features compared to the previous 5.07.04 version:

Updates in the program:

  • Data can be sorted in the Results Table.
  • Modified calculation for differential pressure control valves.
  • New font size settings for dxf export.
  • Easier placement of object text.
  • New radiator symbols.
  • Warning message if the linear pressure loss or velocity is higher than the set value.
  • Window arrangement according to Windows.
  • Update Properties Table.
  • The display of the secondary information of the radiator valves has been deleted
  • Modified mixing control circuit module.
  • Modified capacity limit for consumers.
  • Update pressure drop calculation for 4-pipe system.

Updates in the database:

  • new radiators (Aklimat, Alurad, Korado)
  • new radiators with Eclipse insert (Radal, Korado)
  • new Multilux Eclipse valve
  • new Eclipse 300 valve
  • new Vekotrim valve
  • update the TA-Modulator valves