​The updated version of the TA-CBI PR 51 software now includes the ever-increasing, innovative valve range from IMI Hydronic Engineering. ​


Software update for TA-CBI balancing instrument

This software upgrade ensures that your TA-CBI balancing instrument contains the most up-to-date product information for the IMI-TA range of valves. Compatible with a range of Microsoft operating systems, the upgrade can be easily installed using the PC communication cable alongside the small extension cable provided with your TA-CBI. 

(NOTE: the extension cable should only be used for upgrading the software in the instrument. You should continue to use the PC communication cable​​​ only (without the extension cable) for transferring measuring data between the TA-CBI and your PC. You will also need to have the latest version of the TA Select software installed on your PC to enable data transfer.)

Updates included in PR51 version 

PR51 software now includes:

  • TA-FUS1ON C  Kv updates
  • TA-FUS1ON P  Kv updates
  • New TBV-CMP ½HF and ¾HF for USA


A high-pressure version of the TA-CBI is also available. Capable of measuring up to 10 bar, the TA-CBI-HP high differential pressure measuring instrument can also be updated using the PR51 software upgrade available below. You will be asked to provide registration details before the download commences.​