Proyectos de referencia AFC

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State Opera House

The State Opera house in Prague, Czech Republic, is a 132-year-old building that holds a special place in the city’s history. From the summer of 2017 to the end of 2019, the building went...

Pomona and Asterstraat

Major Residential Complex Refurbished with 2,940 IMI Heimeier Eclipse thermostatic valves in combination with Heimeier K Heads.

Schwandorf District Offices

IMI Hydronic Engineering AFC technology solves decades-long problem

Palazzo di Fuoco

Pallazo di Fuoco, the historical palace of Loreto’s square, near Milan’s Central Station, will be renovated.

Hotel-Restaurant Lange

Hotel-Restaurant Lange in Leer, Germany opened in 1972 with just 20 rooms, but as it gained popularity several extensions and structural changes were made to accommodate increased demand....

New Recklinghausen City Gardens

AFC technology a game changer in renovation project.

Zelené Vlčince

AFC Technology is a game changer -  improving flexibility, energy-efficiency, ease of use. This residential project Zelené Vlčince is in Žilina, Slovakia, and consists of severa...

Tirol Kliniken

El proyecto se enmarca en el sector sanitario y está situado en Innsbruck, Austria; el proyecto consistía en la construcción completa de un nuevo complejo hospitalario. El papel de IMI fu...