Cities are complex places with many different building types, all needing specific services to make sure they function as optimally as they need to. To secure a reliable indoor climate we offer a great diversity of services.

With over 50 years of experience in measuring, validating and optimisation of building installations and comfort experience is IMI Aero-Dynamiek capable to serve a complete solution made to measure.

1. Cleanroom validation

Cleanroom measuring and validation in controlled environments ask for expertise and experience. IMI Aero-Dynamiek executes as independent party based on the most actual norms and regulations, validations to controlled environments and utilities, E.g. operating theatres and production cleanrooms. While executing we check if the controlled space is compliant with designed specifications. We secure the optimal functioning of the current installation by adjusting or balancing it. All findings are reported and provided with recommendations.

2. Balancing

IMI Aero-Dynamiek balances air and water based installations including tapwatersystems. Because of our highly educated technicians and our ISO 9001 quality system accompanied by our controlled measurements the results are guaranteed and indisputable. A well balanced climate system avoids comfort complaints and reduces use of energy. Badly balanced heating and cooling installations provide problems like impaired functioning, instable temperature values and unnecessary high energy usage.

3. Calibration

The execution of stationary and field calibrations is a indispensable part of our services. With stationary calibration in our own laboratory and by experienced technicians executed field calibrations we insure, for many years already, correct readings of sensors and environments. All calibrations reside under our NEN-EN-ISO 9001 quality system. 

Performance Testing

Performance Testing

A building’s lifespan can range from 50 to 80 years; during its life, it will suffer natural degradation putting stress on its systems and affect their performance, which can lead to issues for its users. One way to slow down this degradation and manage any system problems is through Performance Testing.

At IMI Aero-Dynamiek, we believe that it is vital to the lifespan of a building to do regular performance testing to make sure all systems are always running according to users’ needs. Consistent Performance Testing can also ensure that building managers and owners control the building’s performance and react quickly when issues arise. We can run a set of tests that are unique to us due to our equipment and expertise.

1. Commissioning

When a building’s HVAC, water, air and electrical systems are not functioning optimally, many problems arise from an unhealthy indoor environment to increased energy costs and carbon footprint. Commissioning is our service that secures the quality of the to be installed systems, process, as well as the to be realised indoor climate. Ideally this happens in all five phases of the construction process: program, design, engineering, building and control phase. For this service IMI Aero-Dynamiek employs several Commissioning Authorities. Preferably they are involved as early as possible in the construction process. Delivering technical calculations as well as technical support, trainings and lectures can be provided.

2. Thermographic

By using thermographics unexpected problems can be perceived in an early stage, like leakage in  floor heating or inadequate integrity in cleanrooms. Extremely small temperature deviations on services can be registered with infrared technology. The equipment records a thermographic survey of the objects as well as the normal view. Based on the results IMI Aero-Dynamiek provides the report according to existing norms and regulations and give recommendations.

3. Acoustic Measurement

IMI Aero-Dynamiek specialised itself in acoustic measurements for indoor comfort. With our broad skill of measurement equipment and sound sources we are able to do instantaneous as well as spread measurements over a longer period (data-logging). This in the area reverberation times, air- and contact sound isolation. In this way we can investigate and report in complex situation if  necessary true simulation after which process a report with recommendations is provided.

4. Airtightness test

An important service of IMI Aero-Dynamiek  is the testing of rooms and air ducts for airtightness. For air duct systems applies that excessive leakage leads to air and pressure loss and along with that leads to energy loss. This can also cause unwanted airstreams and disturbing sounds and pollution of the ducts. IMI Aero-Dynamiek can help out using an array of equipment to test every type of room: from gastight of a  small room to the most extensive distribution centre.

Where we play?

Buiding Healthcare

Hospitals (patient wards & operating theaters), Private clinics, Retirement homes, Pharmacies

Building data centre

Data center, Manufacturing (Pharmaceutical companies, Military, Food & Agro)


Commercial, sports facilities, public buildings 

Case studies

King Upkot Residential

Brussels, Belgium   -The King Upkot project is a new residential construction, in Brussels, Belgium. The building will be a student residence of more than 2,000 m2, made upfor 8 floor a...

Zelené Vlčince

AFC Technology is a game changer -  improving flexibility, energy-efficiency, ease of use. This residential project Zelené Vlčince is in Žilina, Slovakia, and consists of several new resi...

New Recklinghausen City Gardens

AFC technology a game changer in renovation project.

NSHAMA Town Square

Discover how digitally configurable actuators could deliver high-performing climate control technologies to 18’000 apartments.

Jever Residential Renovation

Delivering an energy saving hydronic solution to a residential renovation project in Jever, Germany.


Delivering 15% energy savings to residential development renovation in Sundsvall.

Pomona and Asterstraat

Major Residential Complex Refurbished with 2,940 IMI Heimeier Eclipse thermostatic valves in combination with Heimeier K Heads.
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