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IMI AERO-DYNAMIEK commissions and optimises HVAC installations to create energy efficient, sustainable and comfortable working environments in commercial, public and industrial buildings – and we have being doing so for more than 40 years. Our highly-skilled consultants leverage a wealth of skills and experience to help improve system efficiency and deliver to specific customer needs.

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IMI Aero-Dynamiek Celebrates 50th Anniversary and Opens New Offices in Amersfoort

IMI Aero-Dynamiek is proud to announce its 50th-anniversary celebration and the opening of its new office located at Databankweg 7 in Amersfoort, Netherlands. To celebrate these exciting milestones, Aero-Dynamiek is organising a “Congrestival” that will be held on Thursday, March 30th, 2023.   

A Congrestival combines the typical elements of a conference, such as knowledge sharing and networking, and the best parts of a festival, such as live music, delicious foods, and drinks! Aero-Dynamiek is hosting this special event for their customers, suppliers, colleagues, partners, and other members from IMI Hydronic Engineering and IMI plc. The theme of the event is: “The Benefits of Optimal Building Performance”. 

The event will reflect on the history of Aero-Dynamiek, from when it was a private company to becoming part of IMI Hydronic Engineering and IMI plc. To share knowledge and insights, there will be presentations with prominent industry guests related to the event theme. Congrestival attendees will be able to join in a unique experiential tour with interactive workshops providing an opportunity to experience some of IMI Aero-Dynamiek's services firsthand in a fun and informative way.  

The event will begin at 2:00 PM, where coffee, tea, and sweet goodies will be provided, and several plenary presentations will follow. The new offices will officially open at 3:30 PM, followed by the experiential tour at 3:45 PM; after, there will be a network drink, delicious food and drinks, and entertainment. The event is expected to conclude at 6:30 PM. 

Take advantage of this opportunity to celebrate with Aero-Dynamiek! Please register via the link provided, and after your registration, you will receive further information about the event, including location and parking facilities.