Kalvebod Brygge OPP Kalvebod Brygge is a completely new office building in the centre of Copenhagen. It hosts important players of the region such as the Danish Railroads and the Danish Energy Agency,


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The Project
OPP Kalvebod Brygge is a completely new office building in the center of Copenhagen and as of 2019 it will be a key work facility for over 2000 people. The brick building covers an area of 40.000 m2 and consists of two main sectionss linked via diagonal bridges that ensure easy access from either side. The building will house important players such as the  Danish Railroads, The Danish Energy Agency, The Danish Transport, Construction and Housing Authority and The Danish Road Directorate.

The Challenge
The project is a partnership between the public and private sector where project handling, commissioning, daily operation, maintenance and financing were all covered by a single contract between the government and the private sector. This demanded highly reliable solutions and timely delivery of products. 
In addition, the BMS supplier had specific requirements since they had a strong preference for  KNX solutions on field level and actuators with low light or noise emission to not disturb the environment. 

The Solution
Our TA-Slider 160 KNX solution was the perfect match to our customer’s needs;  it met the requirements of the BMS supplier and thanks to a tailor-made solution by IMI Hydronic Engineering the KNX protocol was adjusted to include an option to shut off the actuator’s lights.
In addition, this digitally configurable actuator, gave the installation company a competitive advantage thanks to fast and reliable product commissioning  Furthermore, the BMS management system will benefit the future of the operation by ensuring it is effectively working at all times.

The Outcome
IMI Hydronic Engineering delivered 1550 TA-Slider 160 KNX actuators and was also able to also cross sell 1550 TRV-3 Calypso radiator valves. Reliable products, value-enhancing services and commissioning efficiency were definitely crucial aspects for the success of this collaboration. 

Project type: Office Building
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Owner: Bygningsstyrelsen
Consultant: MOE A/S
Architect: Arkitema Architects
System integrator: Grue & Hornstrup
Gross area: 40,000 m²
Products used: TA-Slider 160 KNX, TRV-3 Calypso
Kalvebod Brygge