NSHAMA Town Square Discover how digitally configurable actuators could deliver high-performing climate control technologies to 18’000 apartments.

The Challenge

Guaranteeing effective, high-performing climate control technologies was critical to the project's success. IMI Hydronic Engineering's experts were involved from the earliest stage, using HySelect software to complete a range of hydronic calculations to help define an ideal system configuration for the customer.

HySelect enabled our engineers to verify the optimal system pump head, determine the index circuit and identify the ideal location and setting of the pump sensor to deliver the most energy-efficient chilled water network prior to installation.

The Solution

The bespoke solution demanded an innovative combination of a range of leading-edge TA solutions to meet the customer's demanding requirements. Both standard and our ground-breaking digitally configurable actuators were installed, alongside combined balancing and control valves, balancing valves and a combination of other components.

The involvement of IMI Hydronic Engineering's experts from the planning stage onwards, has helped ensure significant value add throughout the project lifecycle. The solution will deliver an ideal indoor climate, minimise wear and tear on critical system components and deliver optimal energy efficiency for years to come.


Project type: Residential, commercial and leisure 

Building: Plot 15-16, NSHAMA Town Square

Location: Dubai, UAE

Products: TA-Fusion, TA-Slider 160 standard version, TA-Slider 750 standard version, EMO TM, STAF, TA-BAV, TA 60, TA-BTV, TA-STR, TA-NRV

NSHAMA Town Square