Extending the TA-Slider digital actuator range
Compatibility with BUS Communication systems now available for smaller applications.


TA-Slider is a range of digitally configurable actuators for HVAC control systems with or without BUS communication.
The new options from IMI TA include:

  • KNX, Modbus and BACnet compatibility 
  • Suitable for small fan coil units & chilled beams applications to larger sized AHU’s and heat exchangers
  • Optional hybrid control functionality using standard control signals and the possibility to send system information through the BUS network
  • Special CO version for “click and connect” installation with the IMI TA-6-way valve in changeover systems
Experience up to 50% faster commissioning in comparison with conventional actuators and enjoy the speed and convenience of digital set up with the TA-Dongle & HyTune app.

Discover the right TA-Slider for your needs – whether using analogue or digital communication signals.
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The full TA-Slider actuator range

Combine TA-slider with IMI Hydronic’s innovative TA-Modulator pressure independent balancing & control valve for precise control capable of delivering up to 18% annual energy savings.