Zeparo G-Force
A revolutionary dirt separation solution - whichever way you look at it!


Dirt, sludge and magnetite residues can significantly undermine HVAC system performance as well as reducing the lifespan of your installation, so we’ve come up with a revolutionary cyclonic solution – the Zeparo G-Force.

It’s groundbreaking, whichever way you look at it! It harnesses the power of cyclonic technology to remove dirt and other particles that can stop your system performing efficiently up to 9X more effectively than anything else on the market. And if that isn’t enough, it can also be mounted both horizontally and vertically, meaning you can benefit from our industry-leading innovation regardless of how your HVAC installation is configured.

Preventative maintenance
Of course, prevention is better than a cure, so the Zeparo G-Force prevents your system becoming contaminated in the first place to eliminate the negative effect that dirt, sludge and magnetite​ has on system performance. Removing any dirt that does occur couldn’t be easier. The unique design enables you to flush out contaminants while the system is operational, helping to reduce system maintenance time and the costs of keeping your system running at peak performance. 

Removing magnetite from the system is just as easy. The Zeparo G-Force can be fitted with a magnet accessory that helps to maximise its effectiveness when it comes to removing iron oxide (magnetite) from the installation.
Increased energy efficiency
And achieving optimal performance is made much easier with the Zeparo G-Force. By preventing dirt, sludge and magnetite residues from accumulating in the system it helps to reduce electrical pumping energy consumption. It also helps maintain the ideal balance and control you need to achieve outstanding energy efficiency​ from the system as a whole.

The Zeparo G-Force’s patented design works harder the harder your system works. If flow increases, the G-Force just works more efficiently and pressure drop, due to contaminant build-up, becomes a thing of the past thanks to the power of cyclonic technology.

So it’s meaner, it’s cleaner and through reducing energy consumption it’s significantly greener too. As we say, a revolutionary dirt separation solution, whichever way you look at it!

Zeparo G-Force