Pressurisation, dirt separation and degassing products

​​​Maintaining optimal pressure in HVAC systems can increase performance and enhance the long-term durability of every type of installation. Ensuring that your system is free from dirt, sludge, gas and magnetite residues will also help to prevent damage and significantly reduce energy consumption. Our superb range of Pressurisation, Dirt separation and Degassing solutions can help you create stable, highly efficient and cost-effective HVAC installations capable of providing years of trouble-free service. ​​​​​​​​​​

  • Pressure maintenance and control
    When it comes to maintaining optimal HVAC installation pressure, delivering the right amount of water in the system at the right time, we believe that prevention is better than the cure.
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  • Air vents, dirt separators and degassing
    ​​​Our range of dirt separation and degassing solutions can help ensure the optimal water quality you need to create high performing heating and cooling systems.
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  • Safety valves, accessories & service
    ​​​​We also produce a complimentary range of accessories to support our pressure maintenance solutions, including, intermediate vessels, low water protection solutions, safety valves and a whole lot more.
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  • Planning and calculation
    ​​We can help you achieve ideal system pressurisation and optimal control of make-up water quality with our planning and calculation basics.
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Pressurisation, Dirt Separation and Degassing