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Founded in 1909 in Basel, Switzerland, IMI Pneumatex has been a true pioneer in the pressurisation and water quality industry, bringing high performing and innovative technologies to market, which will keep the HVAC system free from gas, dirt and sludge, ensuring its long life, stability and effective pressure control.

IMI Pneumatex Product Range

Discover the pressurisation, dirt separation and degassing range from IMI Pneumatex. 

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However, innovation for innovation's sake is not what we're about. Everything we do is driven by your needs and every solution is designed to help solve the challenges you face - from space savings, energy efficiency to remote connectivity - ensuring peace of mind for you and your customers.

Innovative technologies, Swiss-quality manufacturing and diligent customer support is what makes us your long-term partner of choice. 

You don't have to take our word for it, you can hear directly from our customers:

IMI Pneumatex - Fast history facts:

Simply Compresso, plug & play with preassembled compressor is launched.

​Zeparo G-Force, cyclone technology for bigger applications is launched. 

​CONNECT range of pressurisation systems with BrainCube technology is launched. 

Zeparo Cyclone, dirt separator with unique Cyclonic Technology is launched.
​IMI acquires the business and establishes IMI Pneumatex.

​Launch of Vento, the 1st affordable vacuum degasser for heating installations.

​1st closed system expansion vessels equipped with a Butyl Bag. 

Carl Stücklin opens the doors of 'Carl Stücklin Sanitäre Anlagen' in Basel, Switzerland. 

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