Harbord Diggers Memorial Club Discover how the TA-6-way valve was able to deliver efficiency and control to a combined chilled and hot water climate control system.

The Project
A world’s first for community hubs, Harbord Diggers Memorial Club is creating an ideal indoor climate for entertainment, leisure and wellbeing Improving the lives of the local community, both young and old, is the main focus of the redevelopment of the Harbord Diggers Memorial Club. It will provide a safe and secure living accommodation for older residents, while simultaneously delivering superb leisure facilities for the community as a whole.

The Challenge
The mixed-use nature of the project demanded a hydronic system capable of handling both chilled and hot water climate control. The solution would also have to employ innovative sequencing technologies to minimise piping and controls components and make the best use of limited space.

Our Solution
A modulating system capable of providing accurate flow control to terminal units was seen as the ideal solution. IMI Hydronic Engineering specified a bespoke solution using a combination of our ground-breaking digitally configurable actuators, pressure independent balancing and control valves and the recently launched TA-6-Way- Valve. It’s a revolutionary solution that enables heating and cooling modes to be precisely controlled via single pipe system. Aside from delivering unparalleled flow control accuracy, it eliminates the need for multiple valves and actuators and reduces both overall cost and the space taken up by the installation. And with the flexibility and ease-of-use provided by our leading-edge programmable digital actuators, ensuring maximum and minimum flow rates and a comfortable indoor climate a the touch of a button has never been easier.

Project name: Harbord Diggers Memorial Club
Project type: Sports and Leisure facility 
Building: Harbord Diggers 
Location: Australia 
Products: TA-6-way valve, TA-Slider 160 plus, TA-Modulator

IMI in Action

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Harbord Diggers Memorial Club