Kongahälla Center Adapta Fastigheter’s vision for the Kongahälla Center is to create a vibrant place where people want to spend time, go shopping and experience new things.

Adapta Fastigheter is building a new shopping centre in the new Kongahälla district in Kungälv. Kongahälla has a large potential market thanks to its location just off the E6 and next to the town’s housing developments and new travel centre, and its proximity to Gothenburg. The 37,000 m2
shopping centre occupies three levels with a car park on the bottom level. The building will accommodate more than 100 shops and restaurants, and the third level will be devoted to health and fitness, with a health centre, a gym and a dentist. The first phase will open in early 2019.

The challenge
Gert Gustafsson and Anna Maria Isaksson of Kungälvs Rörläggeri AB are project managers for the major works involved in the plumbing contract. “One of the biggest challenges in a project of this calibre is that tenants will move in in phases, and individual tenants decide what cooling and heating performance they need and how they are going to fit out the units,” says Gert. 25 W/m2 of cooling is included in the rent, with an option to purchase up to 40 W/m2. The process of balancing the heating and cooling system wil therefore be staged. Anna Maria continues, “we hold weekly project meetings with the various tenants, and every week there are usually changes affecting the pipe layout and the system conditions, meaning extra work for us.” To cope, the project managers as well as the installers must be highly skilled “We have 15 installers working on the project,” says head installer Niklas Gustavsson. The choice of HVAC solutions and products is a vital part in creating a system that can easily be adapted to meet different needs in terms of indoor climate and fitting out.

The solution
Kungälvs Rörläggeri AB and IMI Hydronic Engineering have collaborated on a number of major projects. Some of their project managers have also attended IMI Hydronic Engineering’s balancing courses. Gert contacted Martin Nylund at IMI HE so they could look through the drawings together and find an HVAC solution that is able to meet the indoor climate requirements and that can be adapted to meet changing circumstances affecting the heat and cold distribution. Correct pressurisation and effective degassing are essential elements in a reliable and energy-efficient HVAC system. They opted for the Transfero Connect* pressurisation solution which combines pressurisation with cyclonic vacuum degassing. On the cooling side, to allow the system to be balanced in stages without having to repeat the entire balancing process when pressure conditions change, they decided to install TA-Modulator**, a pressure-independent balancing and control valve, in combination with the TA-Slider** actuator. On the heating side, Eclipse radiator valves with automatic flow limiting are used. This means there are fewer products to install and balancing is considerably quicker. On the risers, they decided to install STAF and STAD-STAP.

* Transfero Connect is a pressurisation system with integrated cyclonic vacuum degassing. The BrainCube Connect control unit supports communication with BMS systems, with remote control and remote monitoring of the pressurisation system possible over the internet.
** TA-Modulator and TA-Slider. TA-Modulator is a pressure-independent balancing and control valve for modulating control. An integrated differential pressure controller provides high authority, stability and automatic limiting of the specified flow. TA-Slider is a digitally configurable proportional push actuator.

Project type: New build
Building: Shopping centre
Total surface area: 37,000 m2
Owner: Adapta Fastigheter and Alecta
Main contractor: Serneke
Plumbing contractor: Kungälvs Rörläggeri AB
Location: Kongahälla, Kungälv
Project value (IMI): SEK 2,500,000
Products: Transfero Connect, STAD, STAF, STAP, Eclipse, TA-Modulator, TA-Slider

Kongahälla Center