MOL Hungarian Oil and Gas When MOL Hungarian Oil and Gas corporation wanted to increase HVAC efficiency systems in 4 buildings, IMI Hydronic Engineering proved just how big a difference balancing know-how could make.


Using one building to demonstrate the benefits, IMI Hydronic Engineering delivered energy savings of over 27% in the first heating season. ​

At a time when hydronic balancing was a relatively new concept in Hungary, IMI Hydronic Engineering began talking to MOL, one of the biggest energy companies in Central and Eastern Europe, about the energy savings a well-balanced system could generate. 

​The challenge
The entire system had to be renovated and IMI Hydronic Engineering had to deliver a new hydronic solution that would deliver significant energy savings and better room temperature control.
The savings had to be big enough to completely convince the customer of the benefits of IMI Hydronic Engineering' balancing method – and win the contract to balance the other 3 buildings’ systems too.
The solution
IMI Hydronic Engineering worked closely with the HVAC designer from the outset of the project, providing advice from the initial design phase all the way to the system balancing process. 
The IMI Hydronic Engineering team provided full design support, including technical advice and assistance via TA Select with selecting and sizing new balancing valves and differential pressure controllers. The team also helped define where the components should be positioned in the system to ensure accurate balancing.
In addition, new thermostatic radiator valves were selected and installed to enable precise temperature control in each room.
Finally, IMI Hydronic Engineering provided installation support to ensure that new components were installed correctly and assisted in the commissioning phase with proven balancing expertise. The IMI Hydronic Engineering team stayed involved until the very end of the project to ensure trouble-free operation from the minute the system was taken into use.
The outcome
The renovated system delivered outstanding efficiency and increased indoor climate comfort right from the very first heating season. As one of the other buildings in the complex was comparable in size, orientation and system design as the renovated building, MOL was able to evaluate the savings gained by comparing the energy consumption of the two buildings.
The result? Energy savings of over 27% in the renovated building.
Comparison of energy consumption, October 2002 – April 2003 
​Building size
Energy consumption
Office Building A: 
(after renovation)
9.696 m3584,3 GJ
Office Building B:11.053 m3​​924,6 GJ

With this evidence in hand, MOL recognised the benefits IMI Hydronic Engineering know-how could bring and implemented the same type of solution in the system renovations of the 3 other buildings in the complex – delivering greater savings and increased comfort for even more people.

Project type Office & Commercial buildings
Building MOL Hungarian Oil and Gas
Location Százhalombatta, Hungary
Consultant Kálmán és Társa
Owner MOL Hungarian Oil and Gas Corporation
Investment € 15,000

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