Mercur Centre Renovation The Mercur Shopping Centre in the busy downtown shopping area of Craiova, Romania, recently underwent a 12-million euro revamp that involved the renovation of the facades and a complete reconfiguration of the premises.

The ambitious renovation project, undertaken by centre owners, SC Mercur SA (SIF Oltenia) and their chosen consultant, represented the most significant investment in a shopping centre in the region this year.

The Challenge
The project included interior and exterior modernisation for the extensive retail space, partitioning and upgrade of existing commercial galleries, and a total reconfiguration of the interior walls and finishes. New changing facilities and a covered terraced pedestrian space were also included in the detailed project plans.
The consultant has a long-standing relationship with IMI Hydronic Engineering and invited the company to develop a heating and cooling system for the 12,000-square metre shopping centre.
The challenge IMI Hydronic Engineering faced was two-fold: developing a system that would provide strict temperature control to ensure the exact level of comfort was achieved across all seasons for visitors and, concurrently, one that had high energy efficiency to optimise operating costs for the owner.
The Solution
To meet the renovation’s requirements, IMI Hydronic Engineering had to design and develop a solution that not only considered the centre in its entirety, but that also considered the need for tenants to have access to separate heating and cooling control to maintain optimal temperature in individual units.
IMI Hydronic Engineering’s innovative TA-Modulator, which is the most precise pressure independent balancing and control valve (PIBVC) on the market, was the optimal solution to work in conjunction with the 54 fan coils installed in the centre’s common areas. The high accuracy of TA-Modulator means only the necessary amount of energy is used to keep the temperature constant without any fluctuations. Its advanced modulating features and automatic hydronic balancing meant the centre’s new heating and cooling system was protected against overflows and underflows; this allowed for precise temperature control and provided visitors to the centre with the ideal level of comfort, regardless of the season or external temperature.
The Outcome
After closing its doors on 1st September, 2015 for the renovation, the centre celebrated its official opening on 9th June, 2016. IMI Hydronic Engineering and the consultant partners were able to successfully meet all the owner’s requirements for this extensive renovation. The advanced engineering of the TA-Modulator met the technical specifications, delivering a highly energy efficient heating and cooling solution.
The building is still in its infancy, but will be monitored over the next year to allow accurate calculation of the expected reduction in energy consumption.

Project type Shoping Centrea
Building Mercur Centre
Location Craiova, Romania
Owner SC Mercur SA (SIF Oltenia)
Consultant M.C. General Construct SRL
Project value € 30, 000
Products TA-Modulator, STAP, STAF

Mercur Centre Renovation