Orhideea Towers Orhideea Towers is a €75 million office project in the fast-growing Central-Western business district of Bucharest.

The Project
Orhideea Towers is a €75 million office project in the fast-growing Central-Western business district of Bucharest. Built to attract up-and-coming businesses, the complex offers almost 37,000 m2 of leasable space distributed across two 13-storey and 17-storey towers.
Visually striking, both H-shaped towers are linked by a glass-enclosed bridge, the project was designed to achieve the highest standards of design, technical expertise and sustainability. It is the latest addition to the CA Immo portfolio, who continues its long track record of creating leading-edge office developments.
The Challenge
CA Immo has built an enviable reputation for developing buildings that lead the way when it comes to design and functionality. Therefore, ensuring the highest standards of sustainability and energy efficiency was critical to the project’s success as it aims to achieve ‘green building’ status and be awarded LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Gold certification.
One of the main areas where the complex could make significant strides toward achieving Gold certification was through the HVAC installation and ensuring it delivers the highest levels of efficiency and resilience.
The Solution
A combination of IMI HE solutions were installed to deliver enhanced energy efficiency and performance. On the fan coil side, smaller DN10 TA-Compact-P valves were chosen as they would deliver true PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) control at relatively low flow rates.
An innovative solution combining TA-Modulator and TA-Fusion-P PIBCVs with independent EQM characteristics and TA-Slider actuators were installed on the Air Handling Units heating /cooling coils. It ensures optimal hydronic balancing and precise temperature control across the installation.
Lastly, to overcome the challenge of maintaining optimal system pressure in such a tall building, Compresso Connect pressurisation units were installed alongside expansion modules.
The Outcome
“It’s no surprise that we chose to work with IMI HE,” said Marian Roman, Head of CA Immo, Romania. “It’s an experienced partner capable of providing high-quality products & solutions and the support we needed to boost our reputation for developing buildings renowned for their design, functionality and sustainability.”
Project Name: Orhideea Towers
Project Type: Office Building
Location: Bucharest, Romania
Owner: CA Immo
Architect: BEHF Corporate Architects
Gross area 37.000 m2
Products used: TA-Compact-P,
TA-Modulator, TA-Slider, TA-Fusion-P, Compresso Connect, EMO-T

Orhideea Towers