University Park, Nonntal Delivering a total hydronic solution to University Park, Nonntal in Salzburg, Austria.


The University Park, Nonntal, a renowned institute for encouraging young talented musicians, is located in one of Austria's oldest cities and the birthplace of music composer, Wolfgang Mozart, Salzburg. Because of the proposed use of this new 29,800m2 university building, it was vital to meet the right indoor temperature conditions, notwithstanding significant changes in outside temperatures.
Due to the complexity of the system, design support was required to ensure the correct flow compatibility between production and distribution, a key issue in the correct functioning of heating and cooling systems. Buildings that do not meet this requirement, experience occupant complaints and often higher energy costs due to an inability to provide the right temperature especially at peak periods of use. Diagnosing the problem of flow incompatibility, often leads to expensive investments into other equipment. These investments will still not solve the problem and will lead to even more energy being used, but without being able to distribute it effectively (so avoiding this is crucial for energy savings).
The project also required correct system pressurisation in order to prevent corrosion and prolong equipment lifetime.
​The Austrian IMI Hydronic Engineering team worked collaboratively with our Engineering Support Centre (ESC) and the design firm, Stolz Kramsach. By using IMI Hydronic Engineering' expertise and our specialised ESC team at an early design stage, an energy efficient system solution was developed that addressed pressurisation and flow requirements.
The continual support, design improvements and high level of technical assistance provided by the ESC team enabled the project to meet and satisfy the customer's exact needs and requirements.
The project took 2.5 years to complete. This extremely quick turn-around enabled 5,500 students to re-locate into the new university building in time for the new academic year. Since the commissioning, supported by a IMI Hydronic Engineering technician, no additional adjustment has been necessary, confirming that the room temperature challenge was correctly addressed.

Project type Education & Research
Building University Park, Nonntal
Location Salzburg, Austria
Gross area 29,800 m2
Owner Markus Stolz GmbH & Co KG.
Products TBV-​C​

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University Park, Nonntal