A superb range of HVAC products to help you meet your customers' needs

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​We have built our reputation by providing the products you and your customers demand. They are easy to fit, simple to configure, perfect for renovations and will deliver value for money and years of high-quality performance. 
An extensive range of energy-efficient products

Our extensive range of HVAC products and solutions can help you satisfy increasingly knowledgeable and demanding customers. Of course, they want energy efficient products that will deliver ideal indoor climates, but they also want solutions that are cost effective to install and maintain and can deliver long-term savings.

We have spent years at the leading edge of HVAC system optimisation and development. Innovation lies at the heart of what we do and has helped us create a range of products and solutions, and just as importantly the critical information you need to get the most from them, to create HVAC installations and renovations capable of meeting today’s challenges.

Helping you meet every customer’s needs

​We understand the challenges you face and have developed a portfolio of solutions to help you face them with confidence. Our products enable you to:

  • install a range of Pressurisation, Dirt separation and Degassing products that will help your customers protect HVAC installations and achieve long-term energy efficiency from our range of IMI PNEUMATEX solutions

  • ensure optimal system performance for your customers with our industry-leading portfolio of IMI TA Balancing, Control and Actuation solutions
  • deliver the cost-effective, value-for-money products your customers need to take control of individual room temperatures and drive down HVAC installation running costs with our phenomenal range of IMI HEIMEIER​ Thermostatic Control solutions.​
We are a customer-focused business and provide a range of technical support, training and information resources, as well as cutting-edge tools, software and applications, to help you achieve optimal results when using our products and solutions. Fundamentally, our overriding focus is on helping you build your professional reputation and better serve your customers by getting it right first time, every time. 
We are always there if you need technical support with installation or commissioning to help your customers benefit from energy-efficient, high-performing HVAC systems that are cheaper to run, easier to maintain and create GREAT places to live, work and play. 

Industry-leading know-how

​Take a look at the Training and Seminars we deliver to help you achieve optimal HVAC performance.​

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We provide a range of applications and software downloads to help you design, install and optimise every type of HVAC solution.​
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Case Studies

Learn more about the part we played in creating some of the world’s most energy efficient and prestigious developments.​

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