Essential HVAC know-how and best practice advice

​​​​​​Essential know-how and best practice advice 
We are the industry-leading provider of the very latest hydronic knowledge and our seminars and training events ensure that you are kept informed of all you need to know in the HVAC sector. We take pride in providing the know-how to help you stay on the cutting edge of hydronic system design, application, installation, balancing and commissioning.

Seminar events 
The Hydronic College delivers up-to-the-minute knowledge and training that provides practical and actionable advice about optimising HVAC installations for improved energy efficiency and performance. An optimised system can deliver efficiency gains of around 30%, as well as enhancing controllability and indoor comfort. Our seminars and training events equip you with the know-how you need to realise the full benefits gained from following our best practice advice. Events take place regularly in a variety of locations. Dates and venues are posted in the events calendar in advance of upcoming seminars.

We cover a range of topics, including:
  • Pressurisation
  • Variable flow systems​
  • System controllability
  • Balancing methods and room temperature control
  • Market trends, technological developments and legislation
  • Facts and insights on a range of applications
  • Focusing on total system design and performance

Systems in Practice 
We understand that practical advice and training are key to ensuring you get the best out of our products and solutions. Sharing best practice advice and delivering hands-on training using simulation units is the reason why we established the Hydronic College. Based in multiple locations, our expert trainers provide practical advice about applications, calculations and problem-solving techniques that apply to real-world situations.

You will learn about a range of topics, including:
  • Maintaining the correct system pressure
  • Installing hydronic systems
  • Optimising hydronic systems
  • Operating variable flow networks
  • Getting started with TA Scope
  • Taking full advantage of TA Scope
  • Software training

Seminar Enquiries ​

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​Graduate Feedback 

We are proud of the know-how we pass on to the people that attend our training and seminars – and they clearly appreciate the insight they gain from taking part!

“This seminar provided a comprehensive look into the world of variable flow. Thanks for a very informative and enjoyable evening!”
Jay Upple, Principal Engineer, Faber Maunsell, UK

“The information helps in understanding the challenges engineers and technicians face balancing systems.”  
Henry Grimes Jr., Hensel Phelps Construction Co.

“Excellent information, applicable to current projects.”
Jonathan Mesik, Holabird & Root

“Very current info, useful for future designs.”
William Stewart, RMF Engineering, Inc.
“Very educational and well planned.”
John Allen, Mechanical Engineer, Burns & McDonnell

“Informative and impressive.”
Jing Song, Arup​
Seminar Topics