​Time-saving installation and hydronic balancing 

​Eclipse offers an optimally balanced heating system to create a constant room temperature, enhancing its efficiency and saving on energy costs. There are no complex piping and pressure loss calculations necessary. During the heating up phase and after lowering the individual room temperature, it immediately provides the required flow at the radiator. 
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Automatic hydraulic balancing

Thanks to the automatic flow control technology, only the flow rate has to be defined. The flow rate is directly set at the valve with a setting key or an end wrench. Thanks to the optimum noise characteristics, the valve can be used for differential pressures up to 60 kPa and therefore no differential pressure controllers are necessary. This functionality increases radiator heating efficiency and saves on energy consumption in comparison to normal thermostatic radiator valves without AFC technology.

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Perfect TR​V ​for renovation

The smaller size of the TRV fits all renovation applications and provides more mounting options, including straight, angle, double angle, right and left body housings. Because of the new standard valve body dimension, replacing old valves is easy. They are perfect for systems with unknown piping or small systems with non-reduceable pump head >15kPa. Eclipse valves are EN 215 approved and keymark registered.

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Time-saving installation and absolute flexibility

Eclipse is easy to install. No complex calculations for hydraulic balancing are necessary. The new and now standard EN 215 product dimensions allow absolute flexibility in all kinds of renovation projects. Its added flexibility also allows you to update, check or replace the insert while the system is in operation and without the need for draining – saving you time on installation.
Even system extensions have no influence to the balancing of the existing systems. As heating is based only on demand, it enhances the efficiency of the system and saves costs.​

Possible Energy savings

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