TA-Slider is a new digitally configurable actuator range from IMI TA, the brand behind the world’s leading hydronic control and balancing valves. Now you can enjoy the incredible possibilities of setup even in buildings without BUS communication.

This revolutionary range of new actuators has been designed with you in mind, to help make your work SMARTER, SIMPLER and FASTER, whilst ensuring the highest degree of FLEXIBILITY and RELIABILITY in all working environments.

​​​TA-Slider Range

How TA-Slider works​​​

Customer Testimonials - What HVAC specialists say about the TA-Slider digitally configurable actuators​​​

We took 8 HVAC specialists and showed them the new TA-Slider range of digitally configurable actuators and this is what they had to say!

With features that include more than 200 setting possibilities that can be configured via the HyTune app, manual override, remote access to error logs and statistics, TA-Slider can be used in systems with or without BUS communication. Welcome to Smart Digital Control.

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Smarter, simpler and faster, our digitally configurable actuator delivers optimal control, flexibility and reliability.​