Fair and Ethical

It’s a simple concept: we treat others the way we would like to be treated ourselves.

We have standards – and we stick to them
Ethical business practices are far from a box-ticking exercise here at IMI Hydronic Engineering, they are just how we do business. 

We do the right thing 
Throughout our long history we have always sought to follow best practice. Best practice in how we treat our people, best practice in how we develop and produce products and of course, best practice when it comes to legislative and contractual requirements.
Every part of our business is expected to reach the same high standards of ethical trading. Partners, suppliers and other stakeholders are expected to achieve the same high standards that are a core part of how we do business. 

We trust in our people so you can trust them 
We don’t believe in leaving anything to chance, which is why every employee receives training and guidance in behaving ethically and adhering to legislative commitments. We have recently introduced a comprehensive code of conduct that formalises what is expected of employees and the business generally. When our employees get it right, the business gets it right. ​
Fair and Ethical