​​​Your challenges are unique, which is why we take a collaborative approach to fulfilling every customer’s specific needs. Every component of our hydronic systems is designed to deliver optimal performance – our knowledge of how they can successfully interact to provide industry-leading solutions is what make us stand out from the crowd.
A single source for total system performance​
Working together achieves GREAT results. Individual IMI Hydronic Engineering components are designed to operate harmoniously within HVAC solutions and deliver optimal performance throughout the system’s lifecycle. 
We have a similar relationship with our customers. When we work together to understand each other’s specific needs we achieve GREAT things. 

Minimising installation complexity 
We understand that installers need simple, easy to install products that help them get the job done quickly, efficiently and right first time. Our components are designed to interact seamlessly and deliver maximum performance while being simple to install. They help ensure that when an installer commissions an IMI Hydronic Solution they have the peace of mind that it will be fit for purpose, efficient to run and will minimise potential downtime. 

Maximum performance and reliability 
Getting it right first time is hugely important for contractors. Complex installations can be a logistical nightmare, but through working closely with customers we have developed a range of components that enable contractors to use a single source for all their HVAC solutions. Our one-stop-shop approach helps ensure that major projects are simple to manage, cost-effective to commission and deliver GREAT performance over years of service. 

Long-term benefits for owners and investors 
The importance of robust, high performing HVAC solutions for owners and investors can’t be overlooked. Efficiently controlled and balanced HVAC systems deliver tangible financial benefits and help create GREAT places to live, work and play. Through understanding customer needs we are able to provide long-term peace of mind and sustainable, energy-efficient solutions.

The products you need when you need them 
Our superb range of IMI Hydronic Engineering HVAC components are there when you need them. We work closely with wholesalers to help ensure high availability, fantastic value and the high quality products that customers demand. And our global reach guarantees that when you need our products it’s more than likely they are available just around the corner.

Reducing management complexity 
We know just how important it is for Facilities Management professionals to guarantee continuing high performance from HVAC solutions throughout their lifecycle. Every IMI Hydronic Engineering component is designed and built to perform efficiently and deliver long-term reliability – with the minimum of hands-on maintenance.
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