Integrated systems and solutions

​​​​​​​​​​​​​Every component of our hydronic systems is designed to deliver optimal performance – our knowledge of how they can successfully interact to provide industry-leading solutions is what make us stand out from the crowd

A single source for total system performance 
Our products are designed with one thing in mind: achieving total system performance. We understand that one size doesn’t fit all and have developed a​n enviable reputation for innovating individual components that seamlessly combine to deliver exactly what our customers need. 

There are three critical elements to an effective hydronic solution:
  • Pressurisation, Dirt separation and Degassing 
  • Balancing, Control and Actuation​​
  • Thermostatic Control

​IMI PNEUMATEX: Pressurisation and Water Quality Solutions 
Maintaining the ideal pressure and water quality within a system is vital. As the system temperature rises water volume is affected, which can have a negative impact on total system performance. IMI Hydronic Engineering has developed a comprehensive range of expansion vessels and make-up water devices to enable highly-efficient pressure control within HVAC systems. They help ensure the system contains the right amount of water, at the correct pressure to achieve optimal results.

The condition of the water within a system can’t be ignored either. Micro bubbles, dirt, sludge and gas contamination can seriously impact efficient operation and cause significant damage that limits the life of the system. Our superb range of dirt separators and degassing devices can help to maintain optimal water condition and prolong the life of the installation. ​ ​

IMI TA: Balancing, Control and Actuation 
We give you control, control at every turn that helps you achieve full potential from your hydronic system. If you can’t control water flow you can’t effectively control system performance. System imbalance lies at the heart of approximately 2/3 of all indoor climate problems. Fortunately, we are the balancing experts and can help you significantly reduce problems and increase overall HVAC system efficiency by as much as 30%. We have enviable knowledge and expertise of every type of hydronic system – constant flow, variable flow, static and dynamic balancing – and can help you achieve optimal control. 

IMI HEIMEIER: Thermostatic Control ​
Effectively controlling individual room temperatures can lead to a significant reduction in energy use. We have a long history of providing high-quality, long-lasting components that are easy to fit, enable effective temperature control and create comfortable, energy efficient and low-maintenance hydronic environments.  

IMI FLOW-DESIGN: Automatic and Manual flow control​
North America’s leading provider of manual and automatic flow control products. We can help you easily and quickly achieve perfect balance and control in your HVAC installation. 

Pressurization, dirt separation & degassing 

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Balancing, Control and Actuation 

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Thermostatic Control 

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Integrated systems & solutions