Know-how is power

​​​​​​​​​​​​​Decades of research and development has given IMI Hydronic Engineering a vast reservoir of knowledge – knowledge that can help you deliver optimised HVAC systems that create money-saving installations, fantastic indoor climates and happy customers.

Passing on best practice knowledge 
We have spent years researching and developing hydronic theories, products and solutions to help improve HVAC system performance. We don’t keep it to ourselves though, we love sharing what we’ve learned and we deliver a range of training events and seminars to pass on that knowledge to you. ​​
Lessons learned from the Hydronic College 
We established our Hydronic College many years ago and ensure that everything we learn is passed on to the people that matter – HVAC industry professionals. We go to great lengths to educate you and show you how our products can be configured to deliver optimal performance and maximum return on investment from the outset. 

Our experts have extensive HVAC industry experience and undergo continual training themselves to stay up to speed with the very latest technological developments and theoretical insights. More than 200,000 HVAC professionals have already ​benefitted from the insight we deliver at our range of seminars and training events and have applied that knowledge to help improve hydronic efficiency across the globe. 


We provide a range of software and tools to help you get the most our of our products​.

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Industry-leading know how

We crave knowledge and love passing it on – take a look at what we share through our training events and seminars​.​

Know-how is power