3 superb brands – one committed provider

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Our superb brand portfolio means that we are uniquely placed to deliver GREAT solutions for every hydronic system challenge. So when it comes to sourcing the ultimate in climate control products, intelligence and integrated solutions IMI Hydronic Engineering has got it covered.​

Our vision
Delivering industry-leading products, innovating new hydronic solutions and intelligence, as well as providing GREAT customer service, is what IMI Hydronic Engineering is all about. We are focused on guaranteeing success in both the analysis and implementation of solutions that create comfortable, sustainable and cost-effective indoor climates and happy customers.

Our expertise ensures that installers, consultants, developers, facilities managers and building owners can access all the support they need to specify, construct and manage the next generation of energy efficient buildings. 

Our mission 
Creating optimal indoor climates is a bit of an obsession at IMI Hydronic Engineering. Everything we do, from extensive R&D to close collaboration with our customers, has a singular goal: giving our customers the products and know how to create GREAT energy-efficient indoor climates. So, whether it’s a small domestic installation or a mammoth project like the work we have carried out at the Burj Khalifa Tower, you can be assured that we are working to equip you with the expertise and knowledge you need to deliver optimal hydronic solutions and sustainable, energy-efficient and comfortable indoor climates. 

6 superb brands – one committed provider