Bocconi Urban Campus The new Bocconi Urban Campus, is one of the major urban projects over the last years with the highest architetural quality.

The Project
Bocconi, private University of Milan, launched a project in 2012 for a new campus deigned by the Japanese architecture firm SANAA. The site measures 35,000 m2, only half will be occupied, while the remaining area will be dedicated to outdoor areas and green spaces. The new campus, located in the south of the city center, will include: 300-bed residence hall, the new headquarters of the Bocconi School Management, a park and the multi-purpose center featuring an olympic swimming pool.
The Challenge
The new Bocconi Urban Campus, is one of the major urban projects over the last years with the highest architetural quality. The Campus is part of a broader development that considers environmental sustainability, energy savings, and optimal landscaping in the context of Milan’s zone 5, revisiting the porticos and the cloisters of historical Milanese palaces with a modern twist. A sense of transparency and openness is fostered throughout, with exterior walls and an ondulating translucent screen. One of the most important aspects of this project is that all buildings are NZEB (Near Zero Energy Buildings) in compliance with European guideline EPCB (2010/10/UE).
The Solution
To obtain this target, several construction expedients had to be combined; including thermal isolation and the construction of large openings on each building. This was designed to guarantee the maximum exposure to natural light and ventilation. In addition, photovoltaic modules were installed for the production of renewable energy.
A very innovative and delicate HVAC system was designed, focused on a condensation ring, where all the heat-pumps (located in the different buildings composing the project) condense or evaporate. The condensation ring is kept in balance with central heat pumps or heat exchangers, depending on the system loads, that condense/evaporate on the ground-water system. The condensation ring is very delicate from the balancing point of view and that’s why the consultant chose to work with IMI Hydronic Engineering and rely on its experience and the support of ESC.
The system is a 4-pipe system with change-over for each manifold (for underfloor and ceiling radiant system). All the terminals, AHU, fancoils and ceiling/underflor radiant heating/cooling, are equipped with Pressure independent control valves in tandem with digitally configurable actuators TA-Slider. For the change-over solution, TA-Modulator + TA-Slider 160 + TA-6-way valve integrated solution was chosen, because it is easy-to-install and commission thanks to the click-connect cable and App configuration.


Project Name: Bocconi Urban Campus Project Type: Residential, Office, Sport facility and University building Location: Milan, Italy Consultant: Advanced Engineering Contractor: Percassi Company Products used: TA-6-way valve, TA-Slider 160/500/750, TA-Fus1on-C, TA-Pilot R, TA-Compact-P, STAD, STAF, STAP, Zeparo G-Force, Transfero and Compresso Connect

Bocconi Urban Campus