TA-FUSION-C – ANSI flanges – Deleted from the product range

​​​​​​​ Combined control and balancing valves with independent EQM characteristics These innovative control and balancing valves for heating and cooling systems combine the key hydronic functions of control and balancing in one valve. Adjustable Cvmax and inherent independent EQM characteristics allow correct valve sizing and optimum system controllability. The measuring points enable accurate measurement of flow, differential pressure, temperature and available differential pressure.
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TA-FUSION-C_ANSI_EN_low.pdf Technical Specifications
TA-FUSION-C_ANSI_US_low.pdf Technical Specifications
TA-FUSION-C_DN32-50_instr.pdf Installation Instructions
TA-FUSION-C_DN65-80_instr.pdf Installation Instructions
TA-FUSION-C_DN100-150_instr.pdf Installation Instructions
TA-FUSION-C_-P_DN32-50_Exchange of handwheel.pdf Installation Instructions

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