Health and Safety

​​​​​​​When it comes to Health & Safety and the wellbeing of our people there is no room for compromise. ​

Safe, attractive workplaces 
Happy and healthy employees are a top priority for IMI Hydronic Engineering. We know that a safe, comfortable and healthy working environment is critical when it comes to developing creative, high-value professionals. And we know that our products and expertise can help our customers create similar healthy environments too. 

Health & Safety: An ongoing process 
Promoting employee wellbeing is an ongoing process at IMI Hydronic Engineering. We provide extensive training and information and are committed to eliminating Health & Safety incidents wherever possible through continuous improvement. Unfortunately, accidents occasionally happen. When they do, we make sure we learn from them and put in place measures that help minimise the risk of it happening again.

An indication of how seriously we take our responsibilities is reflected in the fact that we have recently integrated responsibility for Health & Safety into our extensive Lean programme. The programme aims to improve processes across every part of the business and we are determined to embed a planned and disciplined approach to improving Health & Safety into everything we do, now and into the future.
Health and Safety