Great Hydronic Solutions

​​​​​​​​​​Years of experience enables IMI Hydronic Engineering to provide solutions that deliver, quality, peace of mind and optimum hydronic efficiency across entire HVAC systems. We can help you from concept to installation, saving you time, reducing installation complexity and delivering GREAT standards of efficiency and sustainability​.​

Making it simpler for you​

With so many hydronic technologies out there, it can be difficult knowing where to start. We are here to make your life easier and deliver a simplified route to creating GREAT HVAC installations. Our track record is second to none and we are confident that our knowledge, product range and support services can help you achieve what you’re trying to achieve much more easily. 

Understanding concepts, understanding customers
Whether it’s a new build or a renovation project, we are confident in our ability to simplify your most effective route to energy efficient, sustainable HVAC installations. We know that you can’t overlook today’s environmental concerns, and we know how to help you successfully meet the broad range of challenges they create.

  • For Installers and Contractors: We provide easy to fit, GREAT to control and pretty much maintenance-free products that help ensure you get it right first time for your customers and the environment.

  • For Designers and Consultants: We can help you create energy efficient, cost-effective hydronic systems capable of creating GREAT indoor climates that minimise impact on the wider climate
  • For Wholesalers: We can ensure that you have the products your customers demand when and where they want them.

  • For Building Owners and Investors: We help ensure your development, whatever its size, delivers comfortable, controllable and climate-friendly HVAC systems, GREAT places to live, work and play and a healthy return on your investment.

  • For Facility​ Managers: We create easy-to-maintain, resilient and highly-efficient components that protect HVAC installations, deliver long-lasting performance and minimise ongoing maintenance demands.

Engineering efficiency to minimise environmental impact
Environmental impact can’t be overlooked. Every building must meet evermore exacting standards of energy efficiency to help save money and the planet. IMI Hydronic Engineering has been helping you to get more by using less from your HVAC systems for years. We are just as committed to making sure you can do so for years to come by delivering innovative solutions that help to harness maximum efficiency from the latest technological developments. 

Industry-leading know-how

Take a look at the Training and Seminars we deliver to help you achieve optimal HVAC performance.

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Great Hydronic Solutions