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Since 1897, IMI-TA has been responsible for a number of important technical developments and introducing many innovative products worldwide. In the 1950s we created the world’s first Manual Balancing Valve (MBV). We understood then that the majority of problems within HVAC systems were caused by hydronic imbalances, not control malfunctions. And since then, we have developed an enviable portfolio of products, a vast wealth of knowledge and a range of tools and support services that help you achieve optimal balance and control, maximum energy efficienc​y and, of course, GREAT indoor climates.

Today, many of the innovative solutions we've identified make us a world leader in the regulation and control of heating and cooling systems.

A balanced portfolio of products, knowledge and essential tools
Yes, we deliver a superb range of products, including balancing and control valves, differential pressure controllers, actuators and a range of accessories, but that’s only half the story. What sets us apart from the competition is our knowledge: knowledge that we share with you through online resources, training courses, seminars and our Hydronic College. We also provide planning software and technologies to help you design installations for optimal efficiency and measure performance to ensure you achieve the very best results from every type of HVAC system.

Industry-leading know-how

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We provide a range of applications and software downloads to help you design, install and optimise every type of HVAC solution.​​ 

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