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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Energy efficiency and sustainability can play a key role in achieving a favourable return on investment. 

The demand for energy efficient buildings is stronger than it has ever been. Sustainability can’t be ignored when it comes to realising the full market value of a building, and just as importantly, protecting long-term investments, so an optimised HVAC installation can go a long way towards achieving both these goals.

High-performing HVAC solutions
Creating an optimised HVAC installation is a win-win situation for all concerned and can help you comply with the ever-increasing range of environmental regulations. If you are a Building Owner, we can help you develop sustainable, comfortable and attractive places to live, work and play that are cheaper to run and more energy efficient. For Investors, we can help ensure the high market values that protect your investment and for Facility Managers our solutions can deliver long-term resilience and performance, ongoing cost savings and reduced maintenance for the lifetime of the building.
The products, solutions and know-how you need for optimal performance
We have spent decades researching and innovating a range of products, solutions and the critical industry know-how to help every customer get the very best performance out of any HVAC installation. We can help you give your occupiers control at every turn with:
  • a portfolio of IMI PNEUMATEX Pressurisation, Dirt separation and Degassing products that help ensure you benefit from years of trouble-free, sustainable and energy efficient performance 
  • an unparalleled range of IMI TA Balancing, Control and Actuation solutions that help you deliver perfectly balanced, high performing HVAC installations
  • a wide range of IMI HEIMEIER Thermostatic Control solutions that deliver ideal individual room temperatures, increased energy efficiency and sustainable long-term performance
  • industry-leading automatic and manual balancing valves from IMI FLOW-DESIGN
  • And don’t forget our support services IMI AERO-DYNAMEIK that can work with you to maximise your building’s energy efficiency from the outset or improve your existing HVAC infrastructure for optimal performance.
​So, whether it’s a new development that you need to get right first time or an existing building that needs retro-fitting to improve its existing HVAC performance, we know we have a solution that will help you create the compliant, sustainable, energy saving buildings of the future. ​


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