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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Our unbeatable hydronic knowledge and solutions have helped create GREAT indoor climates in some of the world’s most prestigious developments.​
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The demand for energy efficient buildings is growing every year, not just from clients, but from legislators as well. It's a trend that Designers and Consultants can't ignore if they are to meet today's challenges and deliver the highly efficient, comfortable and sustainable indoor environments that clients increasingly demand. We work closely with you to help you specify products and implement effectively balanced and controlled HVAC configurations that create energy efficient buildings capable of minimising running costs and delivering long-term comfort an​d performance.

Innovation and research: two routes to effective HVAC performance
Creating high-performing buildings is a necessity rather than a choice with the challenges we currently face. Increasingly, regulators, investors and building owners are demanding energy efficient solutions to minimise carbon emissions and meet a range of targets to reduce climate change. We have spent years researching, refining and disseminating a wealth of knowledge to help you design and create compliant, sustainable and highly efficient HVAC installations with our range of innovative products and solutions.

Many of our products interact seamlessly with Building Management Systems (BMS) and we provide a range of tools, software and applications to help you configure, monitor and fine-tune HVAC systems for optimal performance, from the design stage right through to final commissioning. Our product portfolio is underpinned by our hydronic engineering pedigree and designed to give you contro​l at every turn. 
We can help you achieve:
  • long-term value for money and system resilience with our portfolio of IMI PNEUMATEX Pressurisation, Dirt separation and Degassing solutions
  • highly efficient HVAC performance with our industry-leading IMI TA Balancing, Control and Actuation products
  • perfect individual room temperatures with our range of IMI HEIMEIER​ Thermostatic Control solutions
  • optimal system balancing with our high performing IMI FLOW-DESIGN range of Manual and Automatic Flow Control solutions.

We have an enviable track record of working closely with Designers and Consultants to create some of the most energy efficient, sustainable and high profile developments the world has seen in recent years. Our extensive knowledge and continual research can help you create the next generation of energy efficient buildings your customers demand.​

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Learn more about the part we played in creating some of the world’s most energy efficient and prestigious developments.​

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