Actuator Technology

​​​​​​​​​​​A unique solution for all your actuation needs. Our innovative range of TA-Slider actuators help you work smarter, faster and more flexibly than ever before.

Taking actuation technology to a new level

Our TA-Slider actuator range offers a more flexibility and control than anything else currently on the market. Packed with innovative features, it can help you significantly reduce commissioning times, easily configure entire systems with the minimum of fuss and provides resilient, long-lasting performance. It integrates perfectly with the latest Building Automation Systems, yet can be simply configured for ultimate control even in buildings without BUS communication networks.​
​What makes TA-Slider unique?

Find out more about the unique features incorporated in our innovative actuation technology 

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​Installer and System Integrator benefits

Learn more about the range of benefits TA-Slider brings for Installers and System Integrators

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​Designer and Consultant benefits

Discover how TA-Slider benefits Designers and Consultants

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​TA-Slider actuator range 

Understand more about our innovative actuation technology that helps put you in control

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Actuator Technology