Regional Authority Office The renovation of the Regional Authority Office
building in the city of Liberec in the Czech Republic is
a public procurement contract.

The Project

The renovation of the Regional Authority Office building in the city of Liberec in the Czech Republic is 
a public procurement contract. Public procurement projects are highly competitive, and the clients are looking for the best solution at the most reasonable cost for taxpayers. The renovation plan included the modernization of the HVAC system to bring further comfort to its tenants and energy efficiency to its investors.

The Hydronic Challenge 

The comfort and efficiency problems stemmed from a dysfunctional HVAC system that was not properly designed with oversized pipes and pumps leading to poor controllability. 

The Solution

Our experts started by mapping out the weak points on the initial project plan and collaborated closely with the installation company (Thermica) to define the system’s requirements and design the new specs taking into consideration time and cost constraints.  

In order to reach the building’s complex requirements, our experts knew they needed to take a broad-system approach to the design and ensure appropriate pressurisation, water quality management and accurate balancing and control. 

They could leverage our knowledge in all these key areas by using solutions from all 3 IMI Hydronic brands. Reliable pressurisation was established with Transfero connect and a Statico buffer vessel; both equipped with the air-proof butyl bag. This system could be connected to the BMS for 24/7 connectivity and remote control of key system parameters. IMI Hydronic also worked closely with the BMS company to commission the control solutions made of TA-Modulator and TA-Slider. The relevant experts of the BMS team were trained on how to configure our actuators via the TA-Dongle and how to balance the HVAC system using our iconic TA-Scope tool. 

Products Used

TA-Modulator, TA-Slider, STAD, Transfero Connect, Statico, Radiator connection, Thermostatic radiator K-head

Regional Authority Office