​IMI Hydronic Engineering has won another exciting project in Luxembourg!

The Infinity Tower in Kirchberg will combine commercial spaces with an office tower, shopping mall as well as a luxurious residential tower. The 25-storey tower will culminate at 104 meters to become the highest residential tower in Luxembourg.


​Such an ambitious engineering project of course called for an equally impressive HVAC system, which is where IMI Pneumatex came in. In addition to its impressive 104m height, the building also had a requirement for both a heating and cooling application. 

A pressure maintenance solution with Transfero TV connect was the perfect answer.  It is capable of handling extreme static pressures and thanks to integrated vacuum degassing and water-make up it is an incredible comprehensive solution that ensures the HVAC system is efficient and well protected to stand the test of time. The integrated Brain Cube connect technology also allows for remote connectivity of the full pressurisation system, giving that extra boost of confidence when it comes to reliable and stable performance. 

The pressurisation system was combined with a highly-effective water quality solution using Zeparo G-force. This powerful dirt separator is equipped with unique cyclonic technology which helps to eliminate even the smallest of dirt particles up to 9x faster that other dirt separators, while keeping the pressure drop stable. It can be mounted in any direction making it the perfect solution when space savings in boiler rooms are required to maximize the amount of commercial space.

​Project facts​

​Project Name:
​Project Type:
​Office & Commercial
Building + Residential

​Kirshberg, Luxembourg
​Danish Building and
Property Agency
​Felgen et associés
Engineering SA


New products used:
Transfero TV Connect, Zeparo G-Force,
Zeparo Zio, DSV and

High-performing products coupled with expert support and close-customer partnership have been the recipe of success for IMI Pneumatex since 1909. The products were successfully installed and the first tenants will be moving into the Infinity building in September 2019.

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Exciting project won in Luxembourg