Winter is your customers get ready
By anticipating the system’s winter needs and fixing any issues before they worsen, you can smoothly kick-start the heating season for you and for your customers.


Download the flyer for an easy-to-use guide that will ensure your customers enjoy a highly performant and energy efficient HVAC system when the temperatures will drop. 

A pre-heating season check-up will optimize your customers' systems and avoid unplanned interventions for you. 
Some quick reminders on possible consequences of an unchecked system: 
  • Sub-optimal pressurisation can cause leaks and corrosion that undermine performance and system longevity
  • Dirt deposits and sludge can cause damage to critical investments such as boilers and pumps and can affect system efficiency by up to 5%. 
  • Outdated thermostatic heads produced before 1988 can cause a loss of energy efficiency of up to 7%

Download checklist now! 

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Winter is coming - check your customers' HVAC systems