Eclipse TRV: Key Features

​A good all-in-one solution for radiator heating systems

The Eclipse TRV is compatible with existing heating systems using AFC technology. AFC technology automatically regulates the maximum flow irrespective of the differential pressure. Thanks to the automatic flow control technology only the flow rate has to be defined. The flow rate is directly set at the valve with a setting key or an end wrench. The smaller size of the TRV fits all renovation applications and provides more mounting options, including straight, angle, double angle, right and left body housings. 

The Eclipse TRV brings you the following new features:

  • Long-life double O-ring sealing
  • Strong return spring in combination with high locating force ensures that the valve does not slacken off over time
  • M30x1,5 connection for thermostatic heads and actuators
  • Flow controller
  • Flow setting
This is valid for two-pipe radiator systems, underfloor heating systems or mixed systems using A-exact, Multilux 4-A Set, Multibox AFC or Dynacon heating manifold. The new IMI HEIMEIER valve body has a new marking II+ and indicates that all inserts in new bodies can be easily changed, even the ones without automatic flow control can now be switched to the Eclipse insert. 
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Key Features