​​​​​​​​​​​HySelect includes everything you need to create and control your hydronic system – from the design stage right through the building’s lifecycle.

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HySelect is the ideal accompaniment to our TA-SCOPE balancing instrument and will help you easily achieve the most high performing and economical system design. Determining optimal valve sizing, pre-setting values and the most energy efficient configuration has never been easier, you simply need to input;

  • pipe lengths
  • terminal unit design flow
  • and differential pressure

and HySelect will provide;

  • the required pump head
  • a detailed list of optimally sized components, such as control and balancing valves
  • plant structure (hydronic network) for uploading to balancing instruments
  • total length of pipes by diameter
  • water volume in piping.
​Taking the guesswork out of system balancing… 

HySelect communicates with the TA-SCOPE balancing instrument to help you quickly and easily confirm that system commissioning matches the original design and is capable of achieving the required performance. It couldn’t be easier to upload or download system information to and from the TA-SCOPE and speed up the balancing process.

Simply, upload the plant structure (hydronic network) designed in HySelect to the TA-SCOPE and you will be able to easily perform the required balancing. O​nce the correct balancing has been achieved, you can download the measured data to HySelect and verify the flow, differential pressure, 2 temperatures, differential temperature and power. You can then export the downloaded data or print out a detailed balancing report.

… from initial commissioning onwards 

We recognise that ongoing monitoring of system performance is essential to maintain efficiency and ensure a long life for the installation. Checking operational performance and logging information couldn’t be easier with the TA-SCOPE and HySelect. You can simply access data to log flow, differential pressure, 2 temperatures, differential temperature and power, download it on an ongoing basis and help ensure long-term performance.​