Balancing, Control and Actuation solutions that give you control at every turn​​

At IMI TA, we understand that to create a cost-efficient and balanced indoor climate, you need more than just products. Which is why we also provide you with hydronic tools and system knowledge through product trainings & seminars and expert support. 
We stand by you through the entire project’s lifetime, to help solve your challenges and meet your needs. 

IMI TA Product range 

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Since its conception in 1897 in Ljung, Sweden, IMI TA has been building a 360o portfolio of quality balancing & control products that deliver optimal performance, maximize energy efficiency and help to create stable & long-lasting HVAC system.

IMI TA - Fast history facts:

​Our iconic measuring instrument TA-Scope gets an update with DPs-Visio to offer even simpler and accurate measuring and balancing. 

TA-Slider, our digitally configurable actuator - with or without BUS communication, is launched. 

TA-Modulator, our highly precise modulating control valve, is launched.

​IMI TA reaches 100 000 project wins.

​IMI acquires TA and establishes IMI TA.

​AHA and Tour Agenturer merge to form Tour & Andersson AB (TA).

​TA launches the world's 1st manual balancing valve.

​August Hilmer Andersson (AHA) began manufacturing water and heating fittings in Ljung, Sweden.

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